Friday, December 26, 2014

Days Of The Week T-Shirt Set

Meet our new product: Days Of The Week T-Shirt Set

These t-shirts are mysterious and enigmatic. You can be absolutely sure you'll stand out from the crowd.

In many languages, days of the weeks are named after the planets or stars. People have been associated days of the week with heavenly luminaries since ancient times. The Days of the Week Tshirt Set celebrates this old tradition with a style. Every T-shirt in this set has a conventionalized symbol of the corresponding heavenly body and explains, what day is dedicated to what planet.

The shirts are:
- Sunday is about Sun
- Monday is about Moon
- Tuesday is about Mars
- Wednesday is about Mercury
- Thursday is about Jupiter
- Friday is about Venus
- Saturday is about Saturn.

On the back of each T-shirt there is an esoteric symbol "Monas hieroglyphica". This symbol was invented in 16th century and represents the unity of the Cosmos. It looks awesome and provocative.

With this T-shirt set, you can look unique at any day of the week.
And, hey, have you ever bought t-shirts by sets? Maybe, it's time to try!
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